The Scenic Road Resele Scenic Road, a real gem in the landscape which must be experienced. It is ,slightly hidden in the river valley and nowadays partly replaced by “riks-90”,national road 90, which runs between Sollefteå and Junsele. Coming from Sollefteå you turn to the left in Ed and coming from Näsåker you turn to the left in Norrtannflo. There are signs saying “Turistväg” from both directions. Built in a different era when horse-drawn carriages were used for transportation, the scenic road follows the river Ångermanälven closely. Here deeply set between steep hills, in Swedish “nipor”, and the riverbanks, there lined with soft knolls and meadows, the scenic road offers a peaceful tempo.

A tempo that makes it possible to experience the special character of Ådalen in the Resele area. One moment there is dramatic wilderness right by the roadside. the next moment there is an open and bright cultural landscape. Following the road from Ed you will pass the hydroelectric powerstation in Forsmo as well as under the unique and spectacular railroad bridge of the northern main line towering over Ångermanälven. After a few kilometers there is a sign post saying Welcome to Resele. Opposite the sign post there is a beautiful lay-by where beavers leave well visible traces in the copses. Stay overnight, be a very quiet early bird and you might see a beaver making ripples on the water surface. The Scenic Road continues through an area of great wilderness feeling and in one bend of the river you will pass the island of Sel with the Rankar Mountain forming a dark background. Keep a lookout for birds of prey! There are kestrels, goshawks, buzzards etc. breeding there.

In Österrå, one of the 18 villages of Resele, you will find the next lay-by right down by the river, with the river valley opening up. You will pass Västerrå and shortly arrive at Myre with Resele service point, the local grocery store and a filling station opposite the church. Resele much cherished primary school with its green flag is in Myre and after some hundred meters you can either take the steep road up to road 90 or stop for refreshments at Myregården, beautifully situated on the river. Continuing on the scenic road you will drive through Höven and its beautiful hill landscape, after another kilometer you will arrive at the next bridge, Tängstabron, a suspension bridge. If you wish to drive across the bridge it may be a good idea to pull in the exterior rearview mirrors, If the temperature is right you can go for a quick swim in a nice outdoor pool a couple of hundred meters from the scenic road, taking to the left from the road to the bridge. Coming back to the scenic road you will notice it soon begins to climb and halfway to the junction with road 90 there is a side road leading to Moforsen hydroelectric power station and another suspension bridge. After a glance there, turn back to the scenic road and continue to road 90. The scenic road ends there – but Resele doesn’t.

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