Whether you want to go for a swim in a calm lake or swim in a swirling rapid or explore exciting rock formations visiting the Mirror Dam will be spot-on for you.

On sunny summer days the Mirror Dam in the Fjällsjöälven, an affluent to the Ångermanälven, is the perfect goal for a family outing . Spread your picnic blanket in the green grass on the brink of the river. Put out your packed lunch while the kids are playing in the water. For somewhat more adventurous swimming below the dam there is the Kilfors rapid ending in a natural giant spa. Here you can climb around among the rocks with the older children and discover giant cauldrons and other formations chiseled out by the rapid during thousands of years. Or, why not challenge the rapid, find a good stone to sit on and let the water wash over you. Sitting under one of the different small rapids with water streaming around your body is a pure meditation experience.

When you reach the end of the rapids the river opens up in a generous lagoon surrounded by steep rocks. It’s a popular playground for all ages also reachable directly from the parking place via a path through the forest. If you prefer a magic experience go to the Mirror Dam for a swim late at night in June when the nights never get really dark. Afterwards a barbecue will taste great. There is a grill between the parking place and the water. The Mirror Dam offers swimming for all tastes.

Starting from Näsåker you drive down to the river and across the bridge past the hydroelectric power station. Then turn right on road 975 and drive 8 km until you arrive at Sörmoflo. The Mirror Dam and the parking place are on the right-hand side of the road.

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