Ibe is one of our local guides. He is Dutch and moved to the High Coast Inland a couple of years ago. This is what he says:

“I often get the question from Dutch friends if it isn’t freezing cold here. But I don’t feel that it is at all. Especially not during the ’spring-winter’, the period from mid-February till Easter. Then it can be minus 20C, bur since the climate here is dry it doesn’t feel that cold. Besides there is very little wind in winterMinus 2 in Holland feels much colder than minus 15 here.! Also the days are often very sunny in ’spring-winter’ , si I have been ice-fishing in minus 15 in bright sunshine only wearing a sweater! It is however important to have the right clothes. A good winter overall is useful – and those of us from the High Coast Inland will be able to offer advice there.”

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