Actually, there are five seasons in this part of Sweden. Let us begin with the season favoured by many people, “spring-winter” from mid-February
until Easter. There is a fantastic snow landscape, sparkling white with sunshine from early morning until late in evening. Then we can go ice-fishing, go skiing crosscountry and downhill while getting a good suntan on top of that.

Spring is short and intense. In just a few weeks the birchesare budding and it is not long between bird cherry blosdom and lilac. Cranes arrive and take breaks in the fields before moving on. The flights of migratory birds are frequently seen the woodpeckers are heard from dawn to dusk improving their nests.

In summer the difference between day and night disappears. Everything is green and you can slmost hear the plants growing. Then it will be time to pick blueberries, cloudberries and later lingonberries. When it is a good year they are found in abundance in our deep forests and you are allowed to pick as much as you can manage – part of the Swedish legal right for everybody to access nature.

Autumn comes with its own colours and its own charm. Yellow, orange, red wherever you look. The perfect season for hiking and wandering, for picking mushrooms and taking long breaks by an open fire.

Then comes November and the beginning of winter. Temperatures drop below zero C. The first snow. Rather dark outside, eventually almost the whole day. Then December arrives with light and joy following our Christmas traditions. Then you want to enjoy coffee and ginger snaps in front of the Christmas tree.

Welcome here any time of the year!

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