Favourite spots

Favourite Spots

Where rivers meet

Swim under waterfalls, wander in primeval forest, relax at a “fäbodvall”, summer pasture, fantasize about how Stone Age people lived their lives at Nämforsen, get a bird’s view of the forest lanscape stretching for miles and miles. Coffee break at a real “nipa”, sand hill formed by the erosion of the river.

Let us give you some tips about wonderful hideaways you must not miss.

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Höga Kusten Inland

What is the best thing about living here in the High Coast Inland? Is it being able to go canoepaddling in the river? Riding in a dog sled in winter? Eating high quality fish, moose meat and fresh mushrooms straight from nature? Or is it the good community spirit?

We think: all of it. And that is precisely what we offer our guests: being part of it all by experiencing life here in the High Coast Inland. We will create adventures tailor made for you, and we guarantee camp fires, tasty local food as well as a personal welcome from us locals. We wish to show you the highlights of what life offers here.

Resele Scenic Road (Turistvägen)

Resele Scenic Road, a real gem in the landscape which must be experienced. It is ,slightly hidden in the river valley and nowadays partly replaced by “riks-90”,national road 90, which runs between Sollefteå and Junsele.
Coming from Sollefteå you turn to the left in Ed and coming from Näsåker you turn to the left in Norrtannflo. There are signs saying “Turistväg” from both directions.

Spegeldammen – The Mirror Dam

Whether you want to go for a swim in a calm lake or swim in a swirling rapid or explore exciting rock formations visiting the Mirror Dam will be spot-on for you.
On sunny summer days the Mirror Dam in the Fjällsjöälven, an affluent to the Ångermanälven, is the perfect goal for a family outing . Spread your picnic blanket in the green grass on the brink of the river. Put out your packed lunch while the kids are playing in the water.

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Nämforsen Rock Carvings Meet the Stone Age World

Northern Europe’s largest area of about 2600 rock carvings are waiting for you to be seen at Nämforsen, Näsåker. Feel free to wander around and philosophize on the lives and ideas of the Stone Age people.

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Mobodarna – An Oasis of Peace and Quiet

If you are looking for peace and quiet the perfect spot for you is the idyllic Mobodarna. This well-preserved summer pasture is situated on the edge of Oringe Nature Reserve where the forest has remained untouched for almost 300 years. You will only hear the birds twittering and the whisper of the wind there.

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How about experiencing the feeling of a real forest where bears hibernate and where you will have access to a roof over your head! The Bear Cabin on
Högberget offers you all of that.

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Goddess Museum

Visit the Goddess Museum in Näsåker and you will learn about the period in time when Mother Goddess was worshipped in all cultures, in many shapes and with many names. You will also learn about the connection with Nämforsen and the rock carvings, 6000 years old, situated close by. The museum offers a guided tour showing 30 000 years of our prehistory.

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Farm Backsjön

At Farm Backsjön you will find the most northern tulip fields in the world. Half a million bulbs are planted each year here. The major event of the year is the tulip festival May 26 – June 16. Thousands of visitors arrive to admire 70000 tulips in bloom.

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