How about experiencing the feeling of a real forest where bears hibernate and where you will have access to a roof over your head! The Bear Cabin on Högberget offers you all of that.

The short path up to the picnic area takes you through a peaceful and open old forest with magnificent pine trees. After a hundred meters you will reach the knoll with the lumber cabin, recently built, and with a water spring close by. The cabin is equipped with four beds including mattresses and pillows. Other bedclothes need to be brought. There is an open fireplace and a calor gas-stove where you can cook your own food, or why not cook it on the outdoor grill? Wood and kitchen utensils can be found in the cabin.

For exploratory walks in the surroundings there are clearly marked paths. You will even be able to see and creep into a genuine bear den, although abandoned, about 150 m from the cabin. With som luck, on early spring mornings in April you might be able to experience the characteristic calls and sounds from capercaillies and blackcocks courting the hens. During the call, you may be able to see how the cock takes up a particular position with his neck pointed upwards, the wings lowered and the tail raised and opened like a fan, in an effort to charm the hens. A unique experience.

You can explore the area finding a great variety of natural environments from untouched old forest to carefully thinned young forest, beautiful birch habitats or to wet swamps where you can pick cloudberries in July and perhaps cranberries after the first night frost in September. Within this area there is also an intriguing system with the remains of old pitfalls for moose and reindeer. Pitfalls were used as a hunting method from the Stone Age right up to the 19th century.

Directions: Starting point the grocery store in Resele. You will see the bridge, Myrebron, from there. Drive about 100 meters on the Tourist road, road no 906, to the road that leads across the bridge. Cross the bridge , drive up the winding road after the bridge and then take a right on to road no 953 and drive to the village of Tängsta. In Tängsta you will see a sign on the lefthand side of the road saying Björnstugan 13. Turn left there and follow that road about 12 km. Then turn right for the last kilometer and you will arrive at a turning area where you can park your car.

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