Visit the Goddess Museum in Näsåker and you will learn about the period in time when Mother Goddess was worshipped in all cultures, in many shapes and with many names. You will also learn about the connection with Nämforsen and the rock carvings, 6000 years old, situated close by. The museum offers a guided tour showing 30 000 years of our prehistory.

“After a thousand years of silence”, the name of the exhibition, leads the visitor into a different world, into prehistoric times, into pre-biblical times. It is an exhibition inspiring to debates which brings out the hidden, forgotten and almost forbidden history of women. The pictures and the objects form a background to the base and structure of today’s society. They open the doors to knowledge about “the existence of something else”.

The exhibition, created by Birgitta Onsell, addresses all people but in particular women and young girls. Pictures and texts on 13 different “altars” – some from the Middle East, some from the Nordic countries illustrate several of the great goddess’ shapes.

– The most important knowledge is the realization that we have not been able to learn our entire history, that this goddess era is a hidden and forgotten history. This may explain the lack of equality between women and men with sexual assaults and warfare culture. New angles and thoughts are inspired by this exhibition. Knowledge rendering good energy for us to jointly create an equal society. Those are the words of Lou Högberg, the guide of the Goddess museum.

Practical information:

Guiding: 1-2 hours.
Price: SEK50/person
Address: Lärkvägen 1 88030 Näsåker

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