If you are looking for peace and quiet the perfect spot for you is the idyllic Mobodarna. This well-preserved summer pasture is situated on the edge of Oringe Nature Reserve where the forest has remained untouched for almost 300 years. You will only hear the birds twittering and the whisper of the wind there.

There are dairy sheds and cattle’s sheds to explore, and maybe you will feel like lying down on your back in the grass and imagine the past with cowbells tinkling when this summer pasture was buzzing with life with farm maids making cheese and churning butter from the milk obtained from cows and goats.

Don’t miss trying to embrace the 400-year-old Oringe pine tree. And why not stay a little longer and spend the night in one of the two overnight cabins open year-round. Let dusk decide when to climb into bed. Wake up by the morning light and make a fire in the stove to make tea or coffee for breakfast. There is fresh water to be fetched in the natural spring at the edge of the forest. Wood for the stove needs to be brought to be on the safe side.

You can go for walks further into the nature reserve to lake Oringesjön by following a marked path. For those interested in botany there are many interesting mosses, lichens and mushrooms to be discovered along the way. There are also some rare insects there. After 2,5 km you will reach the lake where you can go for a swim or why not try to catch a perch or a pike to cook st Mobodarna. No fishing license is needed for fishing in Oringesjön.

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