Northern Europe’s largest area of about 2600 rock carvings are waiting for you to be seen at Nämforsen, Näsåker. Feel free to wander around and philosophize on the lives and ideas of the Stone Age people.

June 15 – August 15 the Nämforsen rapid, usually regulated, comes to life the water throwing itself at full force through the flood gates providing the rock carvings with a roaring, foaming background. The large number of figures carved out into the rocks and the abundance of ancient findings on both sides of the river Ångermanälven are proof of an important center here for hunter gatherers wandering in Scandinavia 4-6000 years ago. During the Stone Age the destinations were not London or Berlin but Nämforsen. There may be several reasons for this being a meeting place , the plentiness of salmon in the river, the tributary of Fjällsjöälven joining the river nearby, the stunning beauty of the river valley, well it could be all those put together.

This was where they met, exchanging ideas and experiences, giving each other tips about locations of fish and game. Probably they also performed rites and rituals. We can only speculate about the activities of those people or what gods they worshipped. The moose (BrE elk) was certainly a very important animal for the Stone Age person, its picture being the most common motif among the rock carvings. You will also find salmon, birds, people and ships and other symbols to ponder over there.

Walking around in the area where you will be able to see about a thousand rock carvings you will be able to make your own interpretations or, if you wish, search the Internet for guidance. From this summer on you will be able to find guides in English, German or Dutch just after some clicks on your mobile phone. To learn more about the Stone Age just take a walk or drive up to the Rock Carving Museum, offering pedagogical and well displayed information. There is a souvenir shop there, a tourist office and a summer café with a riveting view over the Nämforsen rapid and the river valley. No entrance fee. Guided tours at the rock carvings twice a day during the summer months. Link www.namforsen.com

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