Höga Kusten Inland

Experience hiking in Höga Kusten Inland! Here you will find impressive wilderness and an authentic cultural landscape along the meandering river Ångermanälven. You will find National Forests where time stood still – there is a good chance that you won´t meet any other people along the trail! Read more about our long or short hiking trails.

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Hiking trails

Hike along the river Ångermanälven, through the primeval forest and the special river landscape, called ´nipan´. In Swedish. From half-day hikes to multi-day hikes: here you will find our best hiking adventures in Höga Kusten Inland.


Interested in impressive views? The top of the Nävernäsan is more than 500 meters above sea level. From there, the view is impressive, especially if you dare to climb the tower. This tower has been used as a fire tower and has been there for over 80 years. You can choose whether you want to take a short walk or if you want to combine Nävernäsan with a walk to Mobodarna.

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Kärleksstigen, the path of love

Welcome to Näsåker’s nipor. Here you can encounter sheep and cows. The animals are exceptionally friendly, they help to keep Näsåker’s landscape open and prevent further overgrowth. You are warmly welcome in our animal pastures. Parts of the area are fenced with sheep nets and electric fence wire. Do not touch the electric fence wire as you may get unpleasant electric shocks (this is not dangerous but unpleasant). When leaving or entering the area, don’t forget to close the gates!

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Oringsjö-Mobodarna Nature Reserve

In Oringsjö’s natural forest, time seems to stand still. You are very welcome to walk here and stay overnight in one of the buildings of the summer farm of Mobodarna. The cabins are open all year round. There is a cold water source and an ´utedas´, an outdoor toilet. Mobodarna’s buildings were probably built around the turn of the 1800s and have been found on maps since 1812. The summer farm was in use until the 1940s. In the early 1990s, two of the original four cabins were rebuilt and restored. Also take a look at the impressive Oringsjöspruce. Most of the trees are spruces, the oldest one is about 270 years old. There are also pines and some of them are nearly 300 years old.

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Jättjärns Nature Reserve

Jättjärn is a forest area that has not been affected so much by forestry for a long time. That is why there are plentt of older trees and dead trunks on the ground. It is good for a great variety of species that live on these, such as fungi and insects. You don’t find a lot of these kinds of environments anymore because of forestry. Jättjärn is located just a few kilometers from the Bronze Age settlement in Nämforsen and and in the areas there are many catch pits. Traps used to catch moose and reindeer.

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Experience Ådalen’s nipan landscape along the Nipleden, Nip-trail. Choose whether you want to hike the entire route or just part of it. Directly adjacent to the Nip-trail you will find a recreation area at Österåsens Hälsohem, sanatorium, with marked trails of 3 – 5.5 and 7 km. The routes of the Österåsens sanatorium are wide, flat paths and therefore also accessible for disabled. people Here you will find something for everyone.

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