Jättjärns Nature Reserve

Tall-dominated and fire-prone forest area 

Trail name: Jättjärns

Distance: 4km round trip to rastplats at first pond; 5km round trip to the second pond.

Hiking time: 1¼ hours to rastplats and back; 1¾ hours to second pond and back.

Difficulty: Moderate. Note that the trail that runs along the slopes of Orrmyråsen is very overgrown and can be difficult to navigate in places.

Handicapped accessibility: No.

Child-friendly: Yes, though note trail conditions.

Additional features: Picnic table at first pond rastplats. One side of the bench needs repair.

Trail condition: Overgrown, but navigable. Trails are marked with blue paint on the trees up to the rastplats. It is currently not recommended to take the southern part of the loop trail that runs along the slopes of Orrmyråsen. This trail is even more overgrown and is not well marked in places, especially by the parking lot.

Directions to trailhead: From Resele, head north on 90 and go approximately 11.5km. You might first see the entry for Månganskanskogen Naturreservat on the right, which will have a few marked parking spaces along the side of 90. Keep going further. You will go down a slight hill and the road will curve gently left. There will be a metal railing on both sides. The turnoff into the parking lot for the trailhead is immediately after the end of the railing. There is room for 1 car at the trailhead, but there is other parking off 90 nearby.

Trail description and historical background:

In theory, the trail through Jättjärn can be done as loop with an extended section, as the map at the trailhead suggests. However, the southern trail is overgrown and hard to navigate. Currently, the best way to go is by avoiding the right trail, which is where the trail signs will direct you, and instead taking the left trail out of the parking lot. You start by continuing past the parking space along a path wide enough to drive on. This “road” continues straight for approximately 100 meters, at which point you will see another small road branch off to the right. Take this turn to the right. The trail is marked with blue paint on the trees. Gradually, the trail narrows from a road to a narrow trail as it winds gently uphill, following the course of the Jättjärnbäcken. This trail is generally in good condition, but has 1-2 years of growth on it, and could use some clearing.

The hike proceeds through a nice old growth forest with a diversity of trees, ferns, and mosses, interspersed with granite boulders. After 1.25km, the trail gradually turns right and starts to climb uphill. Shortly thereafter, you intersect with the other trail that leaves from the parking lot. The trails converge here, and it is a short walk of less than .5km to the first pond and the rastplats. This is a very quiet area that feels much more remote than it is. It is a nice spot for wildlife viewing, and possibly a picnic lunch if the mosquitos are not too bad.

The trail continues on for another .5km to a second pond. This part of the trail is more wild, and the mire encroaches on the trail in some areas. The second pond is slightly smaller, but is still worth visiting. Moose and cranes can be seen or heard in the area.

The southern trail along the slopes of Orrmyråsen is slightly easier to navigate on the return to the parking area, as it is wider and better marked in this area. After the junction, you will notice the rocky slopes of Orrmyråsen up to your left. It is a short scramble up the hillside to this area, which is noticeably drier—the pine trees more dominant here than the spruce and birch. If you attempt to navigate back to the parking lot on the southern trail, use caution to follow carefully the blue blazes on the trees. The trail is often hard to determine, and there are some areas where the blue markings are missing or too far apart to be easily seen. This trail is much more overgrown and is in places obstructed by fallen trees.


More information about Jättjärns nature reserve can be found  here.

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