Kärleksstigen, the path of love

A combination of beautiful nature and fascinating history 

Trail name: Kärleksstigen

Distance: 1 km either way.

Difficulty: Easy

Wheelchair accessibility: Not accessible, the path is narrow and a bit steep at some points.

Child friendly: Yes, but be careful along the waterfront. Because of the power-plant the water level can vary quickly. If you stand to close to the waterfront when the floodgates open this can be dangerous.

Additional features: Along the path there are some nice points to sit down and enjoy the view. You might meet some cows along the way and it is possible to continue towards the famous rock-carvings in order to extend the walk a little.

Trail condition: Average, could be narrow and a bit overgrown in the summer. The trail is well used so it’s usually in a good condition.

Direction to trailhead: From the public library in Näsåker (opposite of the Coop supermarket) walk toward the power-plant. Take left on to Omsjövägen at the intersection. Shortly after the intersection you find the entrance to Kärleksstigen on the left.

Trail description and historical background: The trail runs between Näsåker village and Ångermanälven. The trail passes several gates. It is important that you close these behind you since you pass several fields where animals might be grazing. The trail starts with a slight decline.

Around the middle it breaks of towards the water and bastuvallen. Head this way and turn right when you get to the water to walk along the shoreline towards the rock carvings by the rapids.

Head straight to walk back to the village. The trail ends close to the hotel in Näsåker.


Here you find more information about the Nämforsen Rock Carving Museum.

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