What a wonderful view

Trail name: Nävernäsen

Distance: Less than 1km from the parking lot to the fire tower.

Hiking time: Less than 1 hour round trip.

Difficulty: Easy.

Handicapped accessibility: No.

Child-friendly: Yes. The cabin even features crayons and paper for children to draw on. It is not recommended to allow children to ascend the very steep ladders that go up the fire tower.

Additional features: Small cabin, restroom, shelter with cooking area, and fire tower.

Trail condition: Very good.

Directions to trailhead:

From Resele, head north on route 90 towards Näsåker. In approximate 15km, turn right at Omsjövägen towards Gruntjärn. In approximately 9km, at Jansjön, you will see a sign for Oringsjö Naturreservat, for which you will turn right. Drive approximately 7.3km down this road. You will see signs for Nävernäsan Naturreservat, directing you to turn left and begin ascending the mountain. The road is steep with loose gravel, but is passable with two-wheel drive in dry conditions. The road forks twice on the way up the mountain. Bear left at the first fork to stay on the gravel, and bear right at the second fork. The road conditions worsen here, with deep ruts in areas. However, it is a short drive of less than 1km from this fork to the trailhead, which begins at the loop at the road’s end.

Trail description and historical background:

At the parking area, you will see two signs for Nävernäsen. The one pointing to the left, which is marked with a red X, is the snowmobile trail. Take the one to the right that goes gently uphill into the spruce forest. The trail soon turns to boardwalk as it opens out onto a bog. Look down for cloudberries as you cross the bog. On the other side of the bog, the trails re-enters the forest, which features pine and spruce trees that can be more than 200 hundred years old. There are many other notable old pine and spruce trees near the fire tower, which lies approximately .6km from the trailhead, as well as further south of the fire tower, where the trail ends at a granite rock outcropping. Some degree of courage may be required to ascend the steep ladders of the fire tower, especially on a windy day, but if you do, you will be rewarded with excellent views of the forest and of Oringsjö to the south.


More information about the history of the Fire Tower and the Nävernäsan nature reserve.

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