Oringsjö-Mobodarna nature reserve

Mosses, lichens, insects and fungi thrive here. 

Trail name: unnamed trail to Mobodarna, and from there, a loop trail leads to Oringsjö

Distance: 5km to Mobodarna. 2km loop leads from Mobodarna to Oringsjö.

Hiking time: 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy to Mobodarna. Moderate to Oringsjö due to trail conditions.

Handicapped accessibility: No. Requires climbing ladders to get over electric fences.

Child-friendly: Yes, especially to Mobodarna. Trail conditions make navigating to Oringsjö more difficult.

Additional features: Mobodarna offers two cabins for overnight lodging. Each cabin includes 2 single-person bunk beds, table and chairs, a wood stove or fireplace for heating and cooking, a pan, a kettle, and pitchers for drawing water from the nearby creek.

Trail condition: Poor. Overgrown in many areas, including on the boardwalk through part of the mire. Many downed trees require navigating over, under, or around. Navigable only because the trail is well marked by blue paint on the trees. One sign has fallen down on the loop part of the hike near the western border of the nature reseve.

Directions to trailhead:

From Resele, head north on route 90 towards Näsåker. In approximate 15km, turn right at Omsjövägen towards Gruntjärn. In approximately 9km, at Jansjön, you will see a sign for Oringsjö Naturreservat, for which you will turn right. Drive approximately 7.3km down this road. You will pass signs for Nävernäsan Naturreservat, then you will see another sign for Oringsjö Naturreservat and Mobodarna, directing you to again turn right. Drive less than 1km to the end of the road. The trailhead lies at the top of the loop. Parking is off the side of the road. Driving time from Resele is approximately 35 minutes.

Trail description and historical background:

The trailhead features two posters with maps and information about Oringsjö and nearby Mo-Långsjön. The former is in Swedish only; the latter features a partial English translation. The trail starts off uphill, heading southwest. A boardwalk has been constructed in a perennially muddy area. Shortly thereafter, one arrives to Mobodarna, a meadow with two cabins and a few other outbuildings. Proceed through the wooden fence to enter the complex, even if you are only continuing on to Oringsjö, as the trail signs are easier to find within the fenced enclosure. Information about the cabins is posted near the front door. To continue on to the Oringsjö loop trail, bear left towards the north end of the enclosure. There, you can pass through another gate, go across part of the meadow, and climb a ladder over an electric fence to start the loop trail. The distance to the lake is only slightly longer on the path on the right. The path on the right continues through the forest, and becomes increasingly overgrown with berry shrubs and fallen trees. There are many different types of mosses and ferns, as well as with berries and mushrooms, throughout the pine forest that leads to Oringsjö. About .5km down the path, you will open onto a small mire, which is easily crossed by boardwalk. The trail eventually descends slightly to Oringsjö and then turns left, staying briefly along the shore, before looping back towards Mobodarna along the western border of the nature reserve.

Another short hike is possible leaving southeast from Mobodarna, proceeding towards the southeast corner of the nature reserve. This trail is unmarked by blue paint.

There will be plenty of mosquitos on a still summer day after the rains have fallen.


More information about the nature reserve can be  found here.

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