995.00 kr

During the summer months the forest serves as a vast pantry for those who wish to venture out and pick berries among other things. In July the swamps glimmer in red, orange and gold. It is the cloudberries that have ripened and are just waiting there to be gathered ir eaten on the spot. Cloudberries make a wonderful jam which for example can be served hot with vanilla ice cream. They can also be used as the main ingredience in a unique and delicious liqueur. For a good cloudberry year the early summer needs to offer both sunshine, heat and rain in the right proportions.

995 kr/ person

There are lots of lakes in this area. Half a dozen of them belong to Resele FVO, fish preservation area. We can choose the water with the best conditions for the day. You will learn how to “read” the lake – to see where the fish should be. Then you will choose the bait and the method best suited for the occasion. Angling with worms, maggots or with roach as baits. Spinning with different kinds of lures – spinners, spoons or wobblers. Trolling – with rod and lure after the boat you will be able to fish over rather large areas. Or something even harder, fishing from the shore of a lake with a ban on boats and where there is game fish, like salmon trout or rainbow trout.
Having caught some fish you will learn how to prepare it. Gutting, filleting, filleting a perch takes some practising. We guarantee you it is well worth the effort. A fillet with a wonderful taste of the wild cooked over an open fire, on a cooking hob or in a cast-iron frying pan.
If it is the season perhaps with chanterelles fried in butter or other delicious mushrooms
Practical info
Number of persons: 2 persons
Price: SEK1695/person
Number of hours: approx. 6 hours
Season: June – August
Languages spoken: Swedish and English
Meeting point with the guide: At your lodgings
Practical info: Rain clothes, rubber boots, hat, somthing warm to put on
Overnight stay: No
Equipment brought by the guide: Boat with an engine, fishing gear, utensils for the meal