1,695.00 kr

The float sinks quietly and resolutely and disappears under the water surface. Something big? When you pull the rod up you can feel something tugging at the line. The largest perch of the day? Can I get it on board? One hour later – a powerful tug and now your spinning rod bends in a bow. Must be a pike – perhaps a really big one.
You are on a fishing tour with Leif Johansson and your adventure has only begun. On this particular day you are going to get enough knowledge to be able to go fishing on your own and mostly catch something, hopefully.
You will also learn how to prepare the fish you have caught and the highlight of the day will be dining on a real delicacy caught and cooked by you.

1695 kr/ person

Practical info
Number of persons: min. 4, max. 10.
Duration: 3 – 4 hours, herbal tour and lunch
Languages spoken: Swedish, English, Dutch, Frisian
Miscellaneous: Wear clothes suitable for walking in the forest
Price: SEK995/person for hetbal tour and a light lunch. Children below
12 free, children between 12 – 18 half price