Ice Fishing in Sweden

895.00 kr

Experience a unique feeling? When you sit on the ice and your line starts to move; that is a something speciel. Take your chance now and go out with our local guide Per. He has lived here all his life, knows all the goof places to fish. Since he has been a farmer all his life, Per is a true outdoorsman. He has been fishing since childhood and he is happy to learn you everything he knows about ice fishing. He not only gives you all the tips and tricks about ice fishing, he also knows everything about the local culture and nature. So don’t hesitate and enjoy the scenery, hot dogs with warm drinks and the knowledge of Per.

January, February, March, April895 kr/ person

We meet in Resele and Per takes you to a lake in the middle of the forest. After a short walk in the beautiful snowy landscape through the forest, you will find the best place to fish. Here we will split tasks. Are you going to make the hole in the ice with the ice drill or will you make a fire on the ice? When the holes are drilled and the fire burns, the guide will explain everything about ice fishing. Now your ice fishing adventure reallybegins. Will it be a beautiful perch or pike?

Number of people: 2-8
Time: 3-4 hours
Price: SEK 895 per person, family max. 4 persons 1995, for larger groups we apply a special price
Languages: Swedish, English
When: January-April
Including: fishing equipment (fishing rod, firewood, fishing license, drill), hot dog and warm drinks
Exclusive: warm clothes