2,500.00 kr

If you enjoy being close to nature this adventure is for you. At the same time you will learn things that make wildlife easier and more interesting. On day 1 our guide will teach you techniques in how to make an open fire and then cook over it, how to make water drinkable, to build windshields and a good many other crafts. The following three days will be spent canoe paddling and you and your small group will practise what you just learned. The location of canoe paddling will be the beautiful lake Betarsjön and along the stream Röån which is the largest habitat for beavers in Västernorrland.

2500 kr/ person

Day 1: Meeting your guide, Richard, at lake Betarsjön. Richard’s speciality is “bushcraft”, knowledge needed for an open air life close to nature: How to “read” nature, interpret tracks, find edible herbs, make sure you have drinkable water and material to craft what you need. You will learn different techniques on how to make a fire, (you will be provided with your own tinderbox), and you will prepare lunch with your guide. Before leaving you he will teach you how to make make your own windshield that will keep you warm and dry in front of the camp fire. He will also tell you about canoeing and interesting routes.

Day 2 Paddling in Betarsjön. Betarsjön is the largest lake if Västernorrland county with its surface measuring 3297 hectares situated 196 m above sea level. Depth 43 m. It is unregulated. There is a large variety of fish in the lake such as Gullspång salmon and Gullspång trout, both spending all their lives in fresh water, grayling, lavaret, plenty of perch and big pike. Along the lake and on the islands there are nice spots for breaks during the day or to pitch your tents for the night. There is for example the stone age site Mangnäsudden, rich in finds. Stones cracked by fires used for cooking or heating can be seen here and there.

Day 3 Paddling towards Röån, the most dense habitat of beavers in Västernorrland. There will be opportunities to inspect beaver engineering by looking at their huts and possibly also a beaver dam. Our recommendation is to set up camp at the beginning of the stream in the afternoon to be able to scout for beaver. Beaver is the most active in the evenings.

Day 4 Continuing a bit towards the south there is plenty of grayling and trout, should you have a craving for fish for your dinner. You will have all day for paddling on Röån, fishing and watching
for beaver. At Gammbodarna there is a resting place at an old homestead in the middle of the forest.
There is a “put and take” place at the lake Svarttjärn where there is also a small cabin. Then you go on paddling a short distance on Röån to the “terminal” at a small bridge. That is where the rapids
begin making further paddling impossible. You will set up camp on the meadow near the bridge
where it is also possible to enjoy a sauna bath close to the stream.

Day 5 Relaxing morning, maybe with some swimming before pick-up to go to your cars.

Included in the tour
Rental of canoes, life vests, water can, dry sacks and one paddle.
Bushcraft introduction 5-6 hours according to your wishes.
Lunch day 1
Pick-up of canoes at the final station
Transportation from the final station to your cars at Betarsjön or to the bus terminal in Junsele.
One tinderbox per couple/family
Possibility for a sauna bath, heated with wood fire, on the last evening.

Not included
Fishing cards for Betarsjön and Röån.
Tents, sleeping bags and ground sheets are for rent.

Languages spoken: Swedish, English, Dutch
Group size: Min. 4 persons. Max. 8 persons.
Dates: July 28 – Aug.1 or Aug.4 – Aug.8

Price: SEK2500/per person with a group of min.4.
IIt is possible to book this trip as a couple at SEK4250/person .