495.00 kr

Cowslip, almond blossoms, catsfoot and blue violets”. Just as our national poet Evert Taube draws our attention to “many flowers that have already budded in the meadow”
our guide Gea Zandvliet will show you northern nature with meadows, ditch-banks, pine-forests and deciduous forests may give you a taste of Ådalen Poetry. Gea’s great interest in life is wild plants and herbs used for cooking. – After a short introduction while savouring something offered by nature we will wander together through the landscape. You will learn more about the herbs growing around us every day. Along the road we will pick what we would like in our baskets. Returning we will have
a delicious lunch with our wild herbs

495 kr/ person

Practical info
Number of persons: min. 4, max. 10.
Duration: 3 – 4 hours, herbal tour and lunch
Languages spoken: Swedish, English, Dutch, Frisian
Miscellaneous: Wear clothes suitable for walking in the forest
Price: SEK495/person for herbal tour and a light lunch. Children below
12 free, children between 12 – 18 half price