750.00 kr

Really seeing something in the forest – as well as understanding what you see –
is something of an art. Wandering with our guide you will gain a first insight
into that art. Coming across wildlife belongs to the highlights of the tour- roe deer, elks, foxes, and with some luck, maybe even a bear. Tracks, droppings, herbs, birds
and other phenomena you might never see on your own. According to the
season you will be able to pick mushrooms and berries, make a fire and try some
of our local primary produce. We will wander through the deep Swedish forest,
through farm land, along lakes and the river Ångermanälven and be surprised
by what may turn up.

750 kr/ person

Practical info
Day 1 Arrival. Meeting at fishing place. There we will fish for baits and put out the crayfish- pots in the river. Having done that it is time for dinner prepared by the river. We will linger by the fire and empty the pots a couple of times before retiring at about 1 am.

Day 2 Checking the pots before breakfast. Preparing the catch before taking off for a tour inside a deer fold. Hopefully we will see some red deer. Lunch will be taken inside the fold. Free activities the rest of the day until the evening. In the evening further crayfishing while having dinner by the river until about 11pm.

Day 3 Taking up the pots with our last catch before breakfast. After preparing our catch free activities until it is time to meet again to prepare our crayfish party together, making salads, sauces etc. Before the party there will be an opportunity to take a sauna. Finally we will have our crayfish party with snaps songs and various tricks and pranks.

Thursday 16:00 Fishing for roach to use as baits in the crayfish pots to be put out
Dinner by the river, checking the crayfish pots now and then, having
a good time by the fire, maybe some nice drinks.

Friday 08:00 Checking the crayfish pots.
09:00 Breakfast
Cooking the crayfish
Excursion into the deer fold and lunch
Afternoon: free
17:00 Checking the crayfish pots
Evening fishing and dinner by the river,
deer meat barbecue with trimmings
Checking the crayfish pots, having a good time by the fire, drinks

Saturday 08:00 Taking up and emptying the crayfish pots.
09:00 Breakfast
Cooking the crayfish
Free activities
Preparations for the evening crayfish party, pies, sallads, sauces etc.
Evening: Crayfish party

Practical information
Number of persons: min. 3, max 6
Accommodation: not included. We will give you advice where to stay.
Languages spoken: Swedish and English
Miscellaneous: Bring warm clothes for the open air evenings.